Innovation meets quality

The EndoCowboy® is engineered and manufactured with high attention to detail. 


Safer Grip

The unique reduction gear allows a precise adjustment of the loop tension. Once the required tension is set, it will remain in the desired position. That enables you to concentrate on the careful movement to extract the File








Axial Ball Bearing for the maximal feedback

The precision axial ball bearing takes away almost all in-system friction. So you can feel the tension of the lasso.



Minimized costs through changeable Tip

The changeable, single use LASSO-TIPS minimize the costs per treatment. If you break a lasso during a treatment. Don’t worry! Just change the tip and carry on. Hence you can use the EndoCowboy® again and again…






High resistant Lasso-Wire

The specially drawn stainless steel wire guarantees maximum tear resistance for a strong traction. Our wire supplier has more than 100 years experience in wire-drawing. The wire can be bend for an easy lasso placement.







The strongest lasso in Endo

The super strong lasso will help to remove even the most ingrained files.






The tear resistance is increased by 100%













The elongation is reduced by more than 65%

Everyone who has used a lasso for file retrieval has experienced the problem when the lasso slips off the file during the attempt of removal. The enormous reduction of the wire elongation helps to reduce this risk to a minimum.








Bendable Lasso cannula

Bend the lasso canula depending on your needs for a comfortable access to the root canal.












The right lasso for every case

Lasso Tips are available in three different sizes.


The EndoCowboy® will come with a set of 6 LassoTips.

1x Pack of 3 x 0.12mm

1x Pack of 3 x 0.1mm






Easy and secure wire attachment

The screwable fastening mechanism for the wire allows a quick change of the Lasso Tip





Specially designed for the EndoCowboy®

The high resistant lasso wire